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Flanagan Chapel Construction

Anges Flanagan Chapel Construction, 1968

The $7,500,000 Century Fund guaranteed the building of a chapel, a library, a sports center, and an education department. Chapel construction began in 1968, and was completed in 1969.

Continued Growth

The first years on Palatine Hill were difficult. The magnificent estate slowly transformed into a college campus. The garage was converted to a library and classrooms, greenhouses were used for science and art, and the Manor House became a women’s dormitory. The post-war boom of students helped to provide much needed funds during Lewis & Clark’s early years, allowing the college to regain full accreditation in 1946.

The 1950s and 1960s saw Lewis & Clark grow academically through the establishment of the overseas and off-campus programs (1962), reading week (1963), the international affairs symposium (1965), and a public administration program (1967). In 1965 the Northwestern College of Law merged with Lewis & Clark College.

In 1966, Lewis & Clark and the Synod of Oregon broke their formal ties. Lewis & Clark now had an independent Board of Trustees, allowing new opportunities for expansion and federal funding.

As Lewis & Clark celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1967, the college began to distinguish itself and attract national recognition. During John R. Howard’s (1960-1981) presidency over twenty buildings were renovated or built. In 1984 postgraduate programs in education, counseling psychology, and public administration were consolidated into the Graduate School of Education and Counseling. In 2000, the Graduate School acquired a permanent home on the 18 acre Corbett Estate south of the undergraduate campus. Today Lewis & Clark is home to about two thousand undergraduate students pursuing twenty-nine majors and twenty-seven minors.

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