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Student Scholarship
Yearbook staff

Staff of the Orange Peal Yearbook, 1916

The first yearbook was the Acta, published only in 1902. A more developed yearbook emerged in 1911 as the Takenah, which changed names several more times throughout its publication history, including the Orange Peal 1919-1930, the Corsair 1931-1942, Voyageur 1943-1969, Convergence 1978, and Yiem Kimtah 1979-2004.

Student Scholarship

Students of the college have put their ideas in print since the earliest years of the institution. The first student journal The Echo debuted in 1873, the first newspaper in 1897, and the first yearbook in 1902. Today, publications encompass a wide array of different mediums, including a bi-weekly newspaper, thematic journals, and digital content.

In addition to producing four distinct student directed symposia each year, student work is presented in the publications: Journal of Gender Thought & Expression: often titled Synergia, The Literary Review, Living Mosaic, Journal For Social Justice, the Meridian, (Pause.), and Polyglot.

Full issues of the College yearbooks can be viewed HERE