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Other Non-Digital Archival Resources

Outside of the Archives there are a number of helpful resources available for researching the history of Lewis & Clark College, the history of Albany College, the history of the Fir Acres Estate, and other related topics.

Those interested in specific information about the architectural design of the Fir Acres estate should visit the University of Oregon Special Collections, which have the Herman Brookman (architect of the Fir Acres estate) papers.

There are also two books about the history of the college:

Lewis and Clark College, 1867-1967 by Martha Francis Montague is an excellent history of the college that focuses on the Albany College years. This book was published by Binfords & Mort in1968.

Lewis and Clark College by Stephen Dow Beckham, published by Lewis & Clark College in 1991, is another good source, which contains more information on the 20th century history of the college.

 Please feel free to address any additional questions to the Lewis & Clark College Archives.