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Yearbooks: The Takenah (1911)

Cover of The Takenah (1911). See full yearbook at:

There was a nine-year gap between Albany College's first yearbook and its second, The Takenah (1911). Like the 1902 publication, The Takenah included valuable historical summaries of activities at the college. It also included extensive creative writings and accounts of student activities written by students. The Takenah also featured writings by Lucille Hart and a number of photographs of Hart. Hart was a student and member of the yearbook staff, who went on to earn a medical degree at the University of Oregon. After becoming a doctor and consulting with a psychiatrist, Hart underwent a hysterectomy and lived the rest of her life as a man. Alan Hart became a pioneer in the field of radiology and the author of four works of medical fiction. Hart's medical fiction is partly autobiographical and all explore gender issues.