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Yearbooks: Yiem Kimtah

Yiem Kimtah for 1991. See full book at:

In 1978, students settled on a name for its yearbook that would last until the college discontinued the publication of yearbooks following the 2003-04 academic year. For this new yearbook, students chose to connect to Pacific Northwest Indian history and culture, which was integrated into campus architecture (particularly Watzek Library and Flanagan Chapel) during the 1960s. The title, Yiem Kimtah was a Chinook jargon term meaning "to tell a story afterward." In 1993, the yearbook staff chose to title the book Myriad rather than Yiem Kimtah, but the title did not stick for subsequent years. With the integration of digital photography, websites, and social media into everyday life, the yearbook program was permanently suspended after the 2004 book. See the entire yearbook collection at: