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Glarum's Legacy Through Katherine FitzGibbon
Glarum's Legacy
Glarum's Legacy Through Katherine FitzGibbon

In an interview with current Director of Choral Activities and Music Department Chair at Lewis & Clark, Katherine FitzGibbon illuminated many of the lasting impressions that Glarum has left at Lewis & Clark and on the choral community at large:

Katherine FitzGibbon

FitzGibbon credits Glarum with “getting our program on the map” through his facilitation of tours and his “vision of getting the choir program established on par with some of the great Lutheran choir schools.” She has also gotten to see Glarum’s legacy through “getting to know a lot of the alumni who had sung for Glarum and hearing from them over and over again how touring as a choir with Glarum was among the most important experiences they’d ever had in their lives.” This gratitude they feel has made itself apparent in recent years, as the choir has started touring again under FitzGibbon’s direction, aided greatly by the generous support of alumni of the Glarum era who are eager to see this great tradition carried on. FitzGibbon has also played a role in carrying on Glarum’s legacy through her revival of the choir’s signature piece under Glarum’s direction, Beautiful Savior, which the choir sings at the Holiday Gala each year, joined by members of the alumni choir who sang the piece while Glarum conducted.