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Lewis & Clark Digital Collections
Archival Materials

The Lewis & Clark Special Collections holds a number of archival collections with content related to the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Each of these collections is described in detail in a finding aid. The collections titles are listed below with links to their respective finding aids.

The Irving W. Anderson Collection

Publication Files for Only One Man Died: The Medical Aspects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Coues-Anderson Manuscript Transcript of the Lewis and Clark Journals 1892-1893

The Editorial Files for Jefferson's Western Explorations 2003-2004

The Editorial Files for The Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 2003-2004

Screenplay about Lewis and Clark by Ernest Pascal 1947

The Publication Files for George Drouillard by M. O. Skarsten 1963-1964

The Bill White Lewis and Clark Expedition Bicentennial Collection 2004-2008

The Della Gould Emmons Collection 1944