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Special Collections Publications
Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Lewis & Clark College Special Collections staff have contributed to a number of publications about the bibliographic history of the expedition. These works include:

Literature of the Lewis & Clark Expedition: A Bibliography and Essays. Essays by Stephen Dow Beckham; Bibliography by Doug Erickson, Paul Merchant, and Jeremy Skinner. Portland, Ore.: Lewis & Clark College, 2003.

Jefferson's Western Explorations

Jefferson's Western Explorations: Discoveries Made in Exploring the Missouri, Red River and Washita by Captains Lewis and Clark, Doctor Sibley, and William Dunbar, and compiled by Thomas Jefferson: The Natchez Edition, 1806: A Facsimile. Edited with an introduction by Doug Erickson, Jeremy Skinner, and Paul Merchant. Spokane, Wash.: Arthur H. Clark Co., c2004.

Exploring Lewis and Clark through Children's Literature: An exhibit at Aubrey Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark College, August 1-December 31, 2005. By Elaine Hirsch. Portland, Ore.: Lewis & Clark College Special Collections, 2005.

Mathew Carey

Matthew Carey.

“Matthew Carey: First Chronicler of Lewis and Clark” By Doug Erickson, Paul Merchant, and Jeremy Skinner. We Proceeded On 29, no. 3 (2003): 28–33.