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Left: "Not sorrow, but a tooth"
Middle: "On the Sound, Washington"
Right: "Old Bach's home"

Top: Portland Harbor
Bottom: Mt Hood

Left: Oneonta Falls
Middle: "Wise as an owl"
Right: Multnomah Falls

"The rocky ledge sums far out into the sea"

Left: Multnomah Falls
Middle: "Cable Line in Portland Heights"
Right: "The needles on the Columbia River"

Top left: "Thompson fountain"
Bottom middle and top right: "Views of Mt. Tabor Reservation"

Left: "Lilies"
Middle: "The Grand Old Man"
Right: "Some of the congregation"

Left: "Views of Fort Canby Lighthouse"
Middle: "Moonlight on the Willamette"
Right: "In the stillness of the night…"

Bottom left: Country home, St. John
Top middle: "Bird's eye view of Portland - south with the bridges"
Bottom right: Park St. Park