Fields-Nelson, Diana (1960)


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Fields-Nelson, Diana (1960)


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Diana Fields-Nelson was born in Southeast Portland to Austin and Gladys Fields along with her two sisters Donna and Joyce and their older brother. Austin worked as an electrician for most of his life, while Gladys was a secretary and became a stay-at-home mother to take care of her children. Diana attended Franklin High School where she discovered her interests in biology, English literature, and math. In 1956, Diana and twin-sister Donna enrolled at Lewis & Clark where their older sister was attending school. Both top-notch students, Donna and Diana received full-ride scholarships for their first year of college. As a freshman, Diana became actively involved on-campus as the vice-president of her class and a member of the Alpha Gamma sorority. During her four years at Lewis & Clark, Diana was struck by the intelligence and enthusiasm of the faculty and staff, particularly President John Howard who took an interest in getting to know as many students as possible.

As a senior at LC, Diana met her future husband Richard Nelson, a junior at the time, who was also involved in a fraternity on campus. In 1960, Diana graduated from Lewis & Clark with a degree in Clinical Psychology. Upon graduating, Diana continued to live at home with her father after her mother passed away the year prior. Her first job was a low-paying position at Portland State University teaching one class a semester. Shortly after that, Diana found a job with the Portland school system as a psychologist for several years before choosing to become a stay-at-home mother. Once her kids were grown up, Diana worked for ten years until retirement as the program director at the Volunteer Center in downtown Portland.

Oral history interview of Lewis & Clark alumnus Diana Fields-Nelson, conducted by Nina Manno on March 16, 2014. History Department, Spring Semester, 2014.


Lewis & Clark College


March 16, 2014







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