New Perce Teepees, 1893


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New Perce Teepees, 1893


Erskine Wood Photograph from Chief Joseph's Camp at Nespelem, WA, Colville Reservation, 1893.

"This picture shows the squaws putting up the lodge poles for the long teppe which they make in the Winter time. Joseph and about 6 other families are going to live in this one." EW, 1893" "It will contain 4 fires in a row, instead of the usual 1, In the center of the round tepee. Tepee is I believe a Sioux word. The Nez Perce word is E-neet. It was in these long eneets that we used to hold the mimic war dances on winter evenings - up and down the row of fires - with the great drum beating at one end." (EW, later note). See EW journal for November 24 and 25, 1893: ""At noon they started to move and they went down about half a mile where the squaws joined 4 or 5 tepees together and made a tepee like we had in the mountains. Joseph was at one end and Rose Bush at the other and 5 families down the sides." "After breakfast I went up the creek to the mill and got my camera and shot off the remai[ni]ng 3 fils then I loaded her up and went down to the tepees and got 12 fine pictures some of t


Wood, Erskine







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